Board Service

Keoni Movement Arts Board Expectations
(Revised October 2016)

KMA Board Membership can provide many rewards to individuals who commit themselves to that duty. In return, KMA asks the following minimum requirements for all board members.

  • Attend a minimum of 4 of the 6  bi-monthly board meetings per fiscal year

  • Attend the annual Board of Directors meeting in person

  • "Give and Get" in Time, Talent and Treasure (suggested $500 - $1000 or more per annum) per fiscal year

  • Make a personal financial donation up to an amount that is personally meaningful at individual board member’s discretion

  • If an upcoming board meeting agenda has important vote, attend or send proxy

  • Lead a committee or task force each fiscal year

  • During meetings, adhere to "Ground Rules," as follows:
       a) deep listening, hear each other
       b) come prepared, read advance info
       c) start / finish on-time, stick to minutes allocated
       d) moderate ... table as needed

  • Assist in preparations for annual recital/friend-raiser and attend the event in person

  • Assist in preparations for the annual volunteer appreciation event and attend the event in person to show support for our volunteer corps

  • Understanding that Board contributions of time are not limited to scheduled meeting times and be flexible to provide input and assistance for ad hoc request, some of which might be given on short notice

  • Understand that occasionally, an interim meeting may be called to discuss an important time sensitive topic and board members should endeavor to attend

  • Be responsive to KMA communications