I have taken your chair yoga class for almost a year now and I literally cannot live without it. As you know, my movement is restrictive as my disability is great. I cannot walk without assistance and am confined to a wheelchair. Your classes keep me going through movement, stretches, balance and holding poses that are at my level of disability. Chair yoga is the best solution for my dying nerve cells and progressively stiffening muscles.

I have motor neurone disease, Primary Lateral Sclerosis, related to ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease only a slower progression, like Stephen Hawking suffered from. I got it from my service in the American war in Vietnam as a presumed cause to exposure to Agent Orange. It is a disease that leads to the progressive stiffening of the voluntary muscles as the nerves slowly die. Yoga helps stretch the muscles and contributes to the metabolism of the nerve cells themselves, which slows the progression of the disease.

Paul, your gentle encouraging style of teaching, with open heart and emphasis on happiness in movement, is just right for me. I couldn’t do yoga any other way. Your admonitions of “breathe into the pose” or “ do what you can without force” or “acknowledge your limitations,” are encouraging me to keep trying. I sure hope your life giving program continues.
— Martin Treat
It’s hard to find affordable children’s programs in Manhattan, so I am grateful that KMA exists! Usually classes like this would be expensive but KMA is affordable and with the scholarship the amount I paid was based on my income which is amazing because my daughter gets to do what she loves and I didn’t have to stress about the cost. Programs like this are greatly needed because there are naturally talented kids or kids that have never been exposed to yoga gymnastics that will benefit from it and it will open their horizons. It has a great yoga gymnastics classes for young children. The teachers are really nice and have a great amount of patience with children. My daughter learned a lot about yoga and yoga vocabulary. She loves the atmosphere and grew close with the teachers. I highly recommend it!
— parent of a 5 year-old KMA student
I just wanted to thank you, for giving the girls an opportunity to join your class yesterday. Amanda has been wanting to join a class like your but as you know, can be extremely expensive. She was super excited when we got home and couldn’t stop talking about it.
— Elsie Mercado, Mother of 8 and 9 year old Yo-Dan-Nastics students
As a professional dancer and choreographer I can definitely say that this class challenged me in the right way and offered a window into other ways of moving that were previously not in my repertoire.
— Darion Smith, Founder/Artistic Director, Janusphere Dance Company
This [yoga class] is FABULOUS!
— Rosalyn Hochberg, adult student
I will be 60 this year, I have Parkinson’s, but I am enjoying moving in ways I’ve never done before. I feel stronger and my doctors are thrilled! 
— David Buffam
My daughter has been greatly helped by practicing the different yoga poses, gymnastic and dancing activities provided by Keoni Movement Arts. It has immensely eased her frustration by learning to properly breathe through the many exercises and it ultimately relaxes her so she can excel in everything she’s doing. My daughter gets so excited about coming to class on Mondays and she beams whenever she tells her friends how much she looks forward to class. I am so grateful for the scholarship, because being of low income I would not have been able to fully afford paying for this program which my daughter so thoroughly enjoys.
— Mother of a 5-year old KMA student
Keoni Movement Arts and Teacher Paul have provided my daughter with exercises and a program to help her become more independent and sociable. [My daughter] gets to interact with the other children who have now become companions in the class. Added to this, she gets to share with classmates from other countries as well. My daughter has down syndrome, autism and turrets, which makes it difficult for her to function, however through these simple and joyful dance and yoga movements she has learned to focus, concentrate and distract herself from her many challenges. The music and Teachers Paul’s gentle instruction soothe and bring her much needed calmness. She recognizes her fellows students and is always happy to see them and participate in this wonderful program.
— Mother of a special needs KMA student
I thank you for the energy, spirit and the time you give us. Your classes are so wonderful in that you inspire me. I feel great after your class…I had a wonderful, wonderful time!…Thank you. I truly look forward to your classes. You are a great teacher!
— Sandra Scott
I loved the class. You are a wonderful teacher!
— Deirdre Long
Thank you so much for a truly great class!  3 days later and I am STILL feeling relaxed and connected to my breath from it…  I wish I could wake up and do this class every day!
— Allison Schnur, former acrobatics teacher at LAVAlove.org
My daughter has been enrolled in Keoni Movement Arts since Spring of 2016. She is an active girl and this program teaches her discipline, to work with others and also to keep her hands to herself. Lol... She has learned flexibility and experimentation in a safe setting and also leadership when Teacher Paul lets her call out the actions. 
— Parent of a 4-year old KMA student
It was so much fun!  I felt like a kid again!
— Rose Zingale
This class is going to be very popular!
— Juanita Rivera
[My son] loves to come to your class, he sings your songs all the time while showing us new poses and moves. I could not be happier. Thanks Paul!!
— Mother of 5-year old KMA student
This program is brilliant!
— Minako Hamakawa