Affordable Yoga, Dance and Gymnastics Classes for Children, Teens, Adults, and Special Needs Individuals

Our mission is to make yoga, dance, and gymnastics accessible to all individuals in the Greater New York City Area. Our vision is an inclusive world of empowered individuals with strong bodies, minds, and spirits connected to the global community.


Keoni Movement Arts (KMA) is a qualified 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides classes and performance opportunities to individuals of all ages, abilities, and means. KMA targets underserved communities that traditionally may not have widespread access or means to learn the movement arts. KMA's unique program Yo-Dan-Nastics™ draws from principles of yoga, dance and gymnastics providing therapeutic and health benefits and performance opportunities in all three movement art forms.

KMA's offerings include Yo-Dan-Nastics for all ages and special needs individuals, Yoga Flow, Chair Yoga that is appropriate for seniors and those with disabilities, and affordable gymnastics workshops. Additionally, through KMA's volunteer and assistant program, free trainings are provided to staff and volunteers in Yoga Adjustments, Teaching Children's Yoga, Teaching Chair Yoga, and Teaching Yoga to Special Needs Populations.

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2019 Annual Spring Performance, June 2nd, 2019 (1 min, 30 sec) featuring: performances and demonstrations of children and special needs teens/adults yo-dan-nastics, chair yoga dance, and yoga dance flow.