Frequently Asked Questions


What is KMA?

Keoni Movement Arts (KMA) is a qualified 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides classes and performance opportunities to individuals of all ages, abilities, and means. KMA targets underserved communities that traditionally may not have widespread access or means to learn the movement arts. KMA's unique program Yo-Dan-Nastics™ draws from principles of yoga, dance and gymnastics providing therapeutic and health benefits and performance opportunities in all three movement art forms.

What types of programs does KMA offer?

KMA's offerings include Yo-Dan-Nastics for all ages and special needs individuals, Yoga Flow, Chair Yoga that is appropriate for seniors and those with disabilities, and affordable gymnastics workshops. Additionally, through KMA's volunteer and assistant program, free trainings are provided to staff and volunteers in Yoga Adjustments, Teaching Children's Yoga, Teaching Chair Yoga, and Teaching Yoga to Special Needs Populations.


Do you accept Self-Direction reimbursements for class payment?

Yes! For self-direction KMA falls under the category “IDGS Community Class.”

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

KMA does offer financial assistance. However, for our special needs students, we suggest that parents first apply for either ‘self-direction’ or ‘family reimbursement services’. If family cannot receive assistance from either, then we will grant a scholarship.

Can we try a class to see if we like it before committing to a session?

Yes! For all children’s classes, there is a First Class Trial offer of $10 for students new to KMA. All Chair Yoga and Yoga Flow classes are by donation only, pay what you can afford.


What is the ratio of students to teachers in classes?

  • For children’s classes, the typical ratio is 1 teacher for every 3-5 students.

  • For teen and adult special needs classes there is 1 teacher for every 3-6 students (depending on the number of class volunteers that are in attendance that day).

  • For our teen and adult yoga flow, chair yoga, and adapted yoga classes, and gymnastics workshops, there may be one teacher for as many as 15 students.

What ages do you serve?

KMA has class offerings for ages 3 and up.

Can you accommodate students in wheelchairs?

Yes, both of our classroom locations have elevators and the studios are wheelchair accessible.

My child needs a lot of assistance, can s/he participate?

At this time we are only able to accommodate individuals who are considered ‘moderate to higher functioning,’ who can follow directions on their own,  and who need minimal 1-to-1 assistance. We evaluate students on a case by case basis. If an individual needs a lot of 1-to-1 help, we do ask that the parent or caregiver be involved in the class with the student.

What types of special needs can participate?

So far, we have welcomed into our classes individuals with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, low cognitive functioning, and physical mobility issues. As long as the student can follow along well by her/himself, s/he can participate.

Do you just do classes for special needs individuals, or do you also have classes for regular needs individuals?

We have one targeted special needs class for teens and adults. All other children’s classes are integrated with a mixture of regular and special needs students. Our Chair Yoga and Adaptive Yoga for Special Needs classes have both regular and special needs individuals in them. Our Yoga Flow and Gymnastics workshops are geared more towards ‘regular needs’ individuals.

How much do classes cost?

We offer several methods for class payment and the actual per class cost depends on the type of program the individual chooses, or qualifies for. For all new students, there is a first class trial option for $10. All of our class offerings are subsidized to further our mission of making the movement arts accessible, and our Chair Yoga and Yoga Flow classes are offered on a by donation basis, where you can pay what you can afford. More information and specific pricing is available on our Class Registration page.

Where are you located?

KMA offers classes in 2 Manhattan locations:

  • Chelsea: Stepping Out Studios, 37 W 26th Street (@ 6th Ave.) NYC

  • Clinton: Clinton Cameo Studios, 307 W 43rd St (@ 8th Ave.) NYC

On site workshops are also available in any of the 5 NYC boroughs. Learn more about our on site workshops here.