Our Supporters

“Mahalo” is the Hawaiian word for “thank you.” We could not have arrived at this point without the tremendous offerings from the following individuals, businesses, companies and foundations.


Grants of $25,000 and above


Grants of $10,000 and above


The Durst Family Foundation

Grants and Donations of $1000 and above
Compass Foundation
Kilohana e Kavika Fund
Open Society Institute’s Matching Gifts Program

Grants and Donations up to $1000
The K Foundation



Individual Donations of $1000 and above
Jon E. Burseth and Catherine Lehua Chun-Burseth
Jo-Anne Chasnow
Paul Keoni Chun
Bernard Kuokoa Chun
James and Carol Dillon
Rainer Perry / Destination Blend New York
Amanda Joy Ryles
Lotus Wailana Wong
Laura Young

Individual Donations of $500 – $999
from Kailua, Hawaii, with Aloha
Jonathan Elliot Cohen
Adam Roper and Erik Cummings, Owners of Bikram Yoga Harlem,
and their students
James A. (Kimo) Gerald
Charlotte Giblin
Kathryn (Kate) Grant
Hester Inouye
Jen Yip

Individual Donations of $100 – $499
Roken Ahmed
Susan Baldomar
Doug and Susan Bell
Vassiliki C. Bitas
Mark Bleier
Jennifer W. Blood
Jan Buttram
James. M. Byerley
Pio Joe Cabada
Christopher R. Caile
Spencer D. Chandler and Diana E. Windhors
Kitty Chen
Pamela Ching
Francis Chun
Sylvia Jean Chun
T. Kamuela Chun
Rebecca Ciletti
Jacqueline Colliton
Stuart Coon
Deborah M. Dang, M.D. and David J. Campbell
Shawn DeCoster's FaceBook Friends
Judith Delgado
Jami English
Susan Foster
Eli Greenberg
Jacqueline C. Grey
Lara Gerstein-Hairston
Alan D. Haehnel
Rosalyn Hochberg
Beatrice Y. M. Kane
Norman W. Kauahi
Sherry Kawabe
Alexa Kelly and Brian Richardson
Catherine Labarre
Yuk Yan Katty Lau
Bruno & Mary Lemieux-Ruibal
Robert J. Love
Jacqueline Lu
Keith Jurosko and Omar Prince
Lester J. N. Mau
Richard Maxwell and Tory Vazquez
Deborah Mayer
Laurisa Milici
Jean Ng Pack
Kevin M. O’Donnell
Geraldine M. Parker
Linda D. Past Pehrson
Deborah J. Pickles and David K. Chun
Judy Rivera
Sandra D. Scott
Thomas Shanahan
Marilyn B. Sloane
Beth Whitaker
Andrea Wolff

Individual Donations of $50 – $99
Steve Adams
Lamott Atkins
Steven Arvanites
David Buffam
Patricia Buffam
Donna Ching, in honor of Dr. Pamela Ching (KS-77)
James No’eau Chun
Kathleen L. Conry
Alexander Durst
Hsiao Yi (Sylvie) Fan and David Ige
Annie Foster
Filipp Fuchs
Cleopatra Georgiou
Professor Ram Kumar Memorial Fund
Allison M. Harris
Betty Ann Hunt-Strain
Sarah Johnson
Sara Kahn Consulting
Francis Kau
Maryluz Lasalle
Deirdre Long
Katherine Serena Lu
Rosanne Ma
Tanya McCabe with a matching donation from The Prudential Foundation
Sharon McGruder
Bessy Morales
Diana D. Murray
Lewis Naumchik
Georga Osborne
Sheri Pascua-Bennett
Maria Sheehan
Mark Sikes
Shigeko Suga
Michael Sullivan
Mariko Takai
Aubrie Therrien
Sarah Unger
Ching Valdes
Constance von Collande
Shao-Ying Wu and Minga Lohman

Individual Donations up to $49
Sheryl E. Berkowitz
Laurie Boczar
Damaris Bracero
Geniva Cora
Katy Cunningham, Song Shop New York, Inc.
Venita DeCoster
Kate Deshmukh
Ariel Estrada
Peter Gallagher
Leslie Hendricks
Shelley Hee
Annie Lau
John Moses
Gilda Mulero
Rusty Riegelman
Gina Rodriguez
Darion Smith
Michele Smith
Barbara Teague
Laurine Towler
Kelly Towry   
Tsui, Kaity
Fredpaul Wandke
Bruce Weekes
Yvette Yasui
Rose Zingale

Building and sustaining a nonprofit requires a collaboration of people from many different backgrounds. We wish to acknowledge the pro bono services and product donations provided by the following people and companies

Steve Adams: KMA logo design, Yoga Instruction
David Buffam: photography, videography, editing
Jason Chien, King & Spalding, LLP: incorporation and tax-exemption filings
Maria Luisa Cortez, El Maguey y La Tuna
DG Insurance Company, Inc.
Ed Ehrgott, C.P.A., TekPals: website design and hosting; accounting assistance
June Hong: KMA logo design
James at www.GeneralFuzz.net: music in our KMA Introductory video
Cynthia Kienzle, The Clutter Whisperer: office space design and de-cluttering advice
Little Pie CompanyKathleen McCarthy, King & Spalding, LLP: legal advice on trademarks and patents
Lululemon Brookfield Place
Nikki Ostrower, NaoNutrition
Rusty Riegelman
Martin Rivera, Highbridge Community Development Corporation
Alex Skucas, Partner, King & Spalding, LLP: legal advice and referrals
Alfred Smouha, A Classic Time Watch Company