By Love Alone is Hatred Healed

9/11 Memorial (photo by Paul Keoni Chun, 9/8/16)

9/11 Memorial (photo by Paul Keoni Chun, 9/8/16)

Yoga Friends,

15 years ago today, the world changed. Hard to believe it's been so long. I have many faded memories and feelings by now. Still, I think it is important to look back, remember, and reflect.
Earlier this week, I got to visit the memorial. I was immediately struck by the names etched into it. They seemed to represent every culture, ethnicity, and religion on the planet. Truly, the reverberations of 9/11 were felt by virtually all peoples on this earth. One that day, we were One.
Once again, we have an opportunity to consider what we can learn from the events of 9/11/01 and put into practice in our own lives. I've often shared this teaching from the Buddha at this time:

Hatred never ceases with hatred,
but by love alone is hatred healed.

For me personally, when confronted with my own shortcomings and failings, I have tried to use them as opportunities to give myself doses of love and kindness. I can certainly "hate" my way toward further self-improvement, but I chose to try to "love" my way toward that outcome. I truly believe that every act of love and kindness towards our own selves ultimately has global consequences.
Perhaps you'll come across this fork in your road in the coming days, when you are confronted with a personal failing. May you choose the Path of love and kindness toward your own self, for the benefit of all beings on the planet.
May we never forget.
aloha, with metta,