Class Descriptions

  • Yo-Dan-Nastics™ is a unique, daring, and fun blend of Yoga, Dance and Gymnastics and a great training for the body, mind, and spirit

    • Keiki Leaders is designed for children who are excelling at yoga, dance and gymnastics and need more challenges (entrance is by Teacher's approval)

  • Chair Yoga is a gentle practice designed to be accessible for seniors and those with disabilities

  • Yoga Flow is a dynamic dance of yoga postures woven together with movement and breath, and finishes with stillness, contemplation, and loving-kindness meditation.

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Classes are held at two locations:
Stepping Out Studios

37 W 26th St. (8th Ave.), Floor 9, Studio B
Clinton Cameo Studios
307 W 43rd St. (@ 8th Ave.)

Yo-Dan-Nastics for “Keiki” (children) ages 3 – 12 years
Paul Keoni Chun and KMA Staff

Children will be introduced to:
• Elemental yoga, dance and gymnastics movements
• Using a mini-trampoline
• Finding inner stillness with meditation and rest
• The joy of discovering new and fun ways the body can move in space with music

Yo-Dan-Nastics is a school that's uncompetitive gymnastics, but it's still fun! Crawling like crabs, jumping like kangaroos, and slithering like snakes! Cartwheels, jumping over a swim noodle, obstacle course! Let's get moving!
— Zoë Deshmukh, 6 year-old student

We love the program!
— Susan Baldomar, mother of 4 year-old student

Yo-Dan-Nastics for Special Needs individuals, ages 14+ years
Paul Keoni Chun and KMA Volunteer Assistants

The class uses yoga, dance and gymnastics techniques to help individuals:
• Build coordination, strength, balance and an awareness of their space
• Learn to self-regulate
• Develop enhanced self-awareness
• Gain order and consistency with a regular class
• Gain social skills

Yoga Flow for teens / adults, 14 + years
Paul Keoni Chun

The class uses yoga, dance and gymnastics techniques to help individuals:
• Strengthen the body and mind, and elevate the spirit
• Develop concentration and focus
• Experience peace, calm, and connection
All skill levels are welcome. No experience is necessary. 

I will be 60 this year, I have Parkinson's, but I am enjoying moving in ways I've never done before. I feel stronger and my doctors are thrilled! 
— David Buffam

As a professional dancer and choreographer I can definitely say that this class challenged me in the right way and offered a window into other ways of moving that were previously not in my repertoire.
— Darion Smith, Founder/Artistic Director, Janusphere Dance Company

It was so much fun!  I felt like a kid again!
— Rose Zingale

This program is brilliant!
— Minako Hamakawa 

This class is going to be very popular!
— Juanita Rivera

Thank you so much for a truly great class!  3 days later and I am STILL feeling relaxed and connected to my breath from it…  I wish I could wake up and do this class every day!
— Allison Schnur, former acrobatics teacher at

I thank you for the energy, spirit and the time you give us. Your classes are so wonderful in that you inspire me. I feel great after your class…I had a wonderful, wonderful time!…Thank you. I truly look forward to your classes. You are a great teacher!
— Sandra Scott

 I loved the class. You are a wonderful teacher!
— Deirdre Long 

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE available for individuals living in NYCHA housing developments or shelters; recipients of Medicaid, 80/20 housing, unemployment, W.I.C., or Head Start; low-income seniors, retirees, students (all school levels), and professional dancers. Conditions apply.