Apply to be a KMA Volunteer Class Assistant

Thank you for your interest in becoming a KMA volunteer class assistant. From the feedback we've received from so far, our volunteers seem to feel that they are getting as much back — or more — as they are giving. We hope that you will have a similar positive experience.

Currently, we are recruiting and on-boarding new candidates for our 2018 - '19 season, which starts in September. Please review the job description and process below. Then, if interested, complete steps 1, 2, and 3 by Friday, August 10, 2018.

Volunteer Class Assistant Job Description

The volunteer assistant position provides support by assisting students with movements and positions and helping the teacher maintain control of the classroom and class flow.

Essential Functions

  • Physically assist students
  • Demonstrate movements and positions for students
  • Verbally guide students
  • Work in tandem with primary teacher and other volunteers to facilitate class exercises and flow


  • Experience doing yoga, dance, and/or gymnastics
  • Complete application process, which includes initiating a background check and filling out KMA waiver and release forms
  • Attend a KMA volunteer orientation session, which includes doing a training on Sexual Abuse and Molestation Issues 
  • Assist in a minimum of 2 classes per month
  • Attend on-going trainings (short sessions offered at regular intervals to learn techniques for assisting students)

Additional information
This opportunity is ideal for persons who have received a yoga teaching certification and wish to improve their teaching skills with hands-on teaching experience. Note: this is a selective process.

Volunteer Application Process

  1. Email with a short explanation of why are you interested in volunteering.
  2. Check our schedule and arrange to view a KMA class in action.
  3. Complete our online Keoni Movement Arts Employment and Volunteer Application.
  4. Complete our Release and Waiver Form.
  5. Complete a background check (Cost to applicant is $22).
  6. Complete our Sexual Abuse and Molestation Training.
  7. Attend trainings in how to assist students in doing yoga, dance, and gymnastics. Next trainings will take place in August and September.

Deadline to apply for Fall, 2018 - ʻ19 session is Friday, August 10, 2018. Steps 1, 2, and 3 above must be completed by this date. Thank you for your interest in serving in this way!