Karma Volunteer

Karma Yoga refers to the practice of ‘selfless service’ and is said to purify the heart. Running a nonprofit organization on a shoe-string budget requires the help of lots of volunteers! Consider practicing ‘purifying your heart’ by taking on a project or two for KMA . In return, you will receive access to one yoga class for every hour you provide assistance. This is an ideal position for students - high school and college - who are looking to build their resumes and want to add volunteer experience to it, or a retired person who wants to volunteer for a good cause and receive an extra little benefit, or really for anyone who wants to help because they want to see this organization grow!

Projects and tasks the volunteers would be working on include:

  • outreach: posting our flyers and postcards around the neighborhood

  • maintenance: assist with cleaning and care of our gymnastics equipment

  • studio prep: prepare the yoga space for our classes, then help with break-down afterwards. Student may stay for yoga class in between.

  • administrative projects: help in completing a project, such as scanning past attendance sheets, tagging customers in our CRM, or doing miscellaneous date entries, and other such tasks

  • updating our social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - regularly

  • doing website updates and periodic maintenance

To apply, send an email with Subject Line: Karma Volunteer Positions to info@keonimovementarts.org.